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About Remain Young

Remain Young is an all-natural dietary supplement made with softshell turtle eggs.

We have sold over 20 million packages, which is a rarity in the dietary supplement business! That’s an average of 2,300 packages a day. Sales of this long-seller are still up, since started selling them in 1988.

Remain Young maximizes the natural nutrients and active ingredients of the egg, from the yolk to the white, the shell, and even the beauty-enhancing shell membrane.

What’s secret to its popularity?

The secret lies in the fact that it is a quick way to enhance and maintain vigor, health, and beautiful skin. Plus, this supplement fits people of all ages, from children to the elderly.
But why has this dietary supplement been such a hit for so long? The secret to Remain Young is in the softshell turtles and the eggs they lay.

Softshell Turtles, the Ideal Food

Turtle dishes have long been treasured in Asia for their invigorating properties. They contain essential amino acids, calcium, and vitamins, making them the ideal food.
Turtles have a long history as food sources. In China, where it is believed that “food is a kind of medicine”, turtle is recognized as the closest food to a panacea there is. In Bencao Gangmu (The Compendium of Materia Medica), written in China, softshell turtles are said to “improve circulation, enhance the function of the organs, purify the blood, strengthen a weakened body, strengthen the immune system, alleviate hemorrhoids, make the hair grow faster, and improve the symptoms of hepatitis.” Furthermore, the great thing about the softshell turtle is that its entirety can be eaten.
What if a product was available made from their eggs, which contain these vital energies in concentrated form?
That product is none other than “Remain Young”.

Softshell turtle egg: The king of eggs

The eggs of any animal play a crucial role in the growth of life. They provide essential nutrients and protection from natural enemies. The shell contains calcium, the white provides an immune system and acts as a natural disinfectant, and the yolk is a rich source of key nutrients.

Eggs are very near the “perfect food”, They contain nearly all of the nutrients the body needs, and in rich supply. Eggs are probably the only richest food there is in terms of nutrition.

A softshell turtle egg has a better balance of nutrients than other species. Turtles have been around longer than humans, and they live longer. A softshell turtle egg is about 2 cm in diameter and weighs 5g. They are perfectly round and encased in a whitish shell. compared with chicken or quail eggs, there is a higher ratio of yolk to white, and therefore a more intense and fresh visual presence. The white of the softshell egg is more viscous and thicker than that of a chicken egg. That is because the protein comprising the white is different from a chicken egg. Softshell turtle egg white is made up mostly of an enzyme called lysozyme. This enzyme has excellent disinfecting properties. It builds up the immune system and fights off infections.

The properties of softshell turtle eggs alone make them a good health food supplement, but Remain Young contains added ingredients to make it even more ideal and near perfect.

The egg white is not only a rich source of nutrients, it also protects the yolk from bacteria.
Lysozyme, the chief component of the egg white of softshell turtle eggs, is a natural bacteriolytic.

We have performed experiments by cooking turtle eggs and quail eggs “sunny side up”.

They were cooked together in the same frying pans. Because they are the same size, they are perfect for the purposes of comparison.Even after the white of the quail eggs were burnt almost to a crisp, parts of the white of the turtle eggs had only begun to turn a cloudy white.

Experimental video of heating soft-shelled turtle eggs (left) and quail eggs (right) for 3 minutes at the same time. (10x speed playback)

Why does it take longer for the white of the turtle eggs to firm up.

The reason has to do with the tenacious power of softshell turtles to survive despite extreme conditions.
Softshell turtles live in climates that are hot year round. They lay their eggs in hot sand. Under these conditions, eggs laid by any other animal would certainly not produce hatchlings. They would die from the heat. The softshell turtle, however, has adapted over millions of years and become a robust creature able to reproduce despite harsh environmental conditions.
Its high degree of adaptability is manifested in its ability to lay heat-resistant eggs.
Let’s now look at the differences between the eggs of softshell turtles, quails, and chickens from a nutritional perspective.

Softshell turtle egg nutritional checklist

Softshell turtle egg nutritional checklist 1

Being low-calorie and high-protein, softshell turtle egg is an ideal ingredient.

While meats and dairy products are also good sources of the protein that the body needs to make muscle tissue, they are also high in fat, meaning that you might get more calories than you need. Softshell turtle eggs, on the other hand, are high in quality protein but low in calories.

As human beings are animals, it is only natural that animal protein is better for the body than vegetable protein. Most people think of meat when they hear the word “animal protein”, but meat also contains an abundance of fat, so you have to watch your fat intake. So what is a good food from which to get animal protein? Eggs. And of all the kinds of eggs available, softshell turtle eggs are ideal because of their high protein content and low fat ratio.

People get energy (i.e. calories) from three main sources: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Unneeded calories, however, end up being stored in the body as fat, which may lead to obesity. Health and energy can be affected by either getting too many calories or not enough.

Softshell turtle egg nutritional checklist 2

Our product also contains DHA, an agent which sharpens the mind and found most abundantly in tuna.

It also contains omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, which are found in blue-backed fish and are effective in lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. These fatty acids are thought to be beneficial for preventing or attenuating the risks for many lifestyle related ailments, including arteriosclerosis and serious heart disease. DHA is also involved in the functioning of the nerve tissue in the brain. As is clear from the graph, softshell turtle eggs are rich in DHA and EPA, the former of which is only present in trace amounts in chicken eggs, and the latter of which is absent altogether in them.

Softshell turtle egg nutritional checklist 3

Softshell turtle eggs also contain twice the mineral content as chicken eggs.

The minerals become the raw materials needed for the body to make teeth and bones and to maintain a good environment inside and outside living cells. Just why are softshell turtle eggs so rich in minerals? One theory has to do with softshell turtles being hibernating animals. Softshell turtles have evolved so that their eggs contain an abundance of minerals to help them get through the hibernation season.Softshell turtle eggs contain over 50 vitamins and minerals in just the right amounts for the human body, making them an ideally balanced food for staying healthy.

Major ingredients other than softshell turtle eggs

In addition to softshell turtle eggs, Remain Young contains domestically-grown odorless garlic and safflower oil.

Garlic is showing much promise in the world of health, as preliminary studies have suggested that it is a natural antibacterial and antioxidation agent, may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, and is a natural energy enhancer.
it consistently ranks among the most promising of designer foods with cancer-fighting potential.

Recent studies suggest that the water-soluble sulfuric compounds, not the odor-causing components, are what gives garlic its beneficial properties.
Another major ingredient is safflower oil, a luxury vegetable oil that is popular as an high-end gift. Safflower oil is rich in vitamin E, and also contains linoleic acid and oleic acid, which lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
Safflower is even associated with purifying the blood in Chinese medicine.

Why is now the time for Remain Young?

In this age of plenty, I doubt most readers would think of malnutrition as a problem high on Japan’s list of social ills. But think carefully about your own diet.

Do you think you are getting the proper daily balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients?
People who need to be especially careful are those that become complacent just because they eat vegetables every day. If you are one of those people, here is a question for you: Can you truly be sure that your diet is giving you the right nutrients in the right quantities?

Most Japanese get enough to eat in terms of calories, i.e. energy. In fact, many people eat too much. However, the truth is that most people do not get enough of the right nutrients. In other words, most people suffer from a modern variant of malnutrition.

How did this happen?
Many people assume the blame lies with the introduction of Western-style cuisine into the Japanese diet. This, however, is not the only contributing factor. It is thought that vegetables produced now contain less trace mineral content than the vegetables that our ancestors ate. In addition, most of the foods we eat now are refined. This includes rice, wheat and sugar. These refining processes, however, rob foods of nutrients that they would otherwise have.

The human body is equipped with the ability to recover from damage and correct imbalances. This is referred to as the body’s natural healing power, or homeostasis.

In order to get these natural powers to work and remain healthy and energetic, one must provide the body with everything that its 60 trillion cells need.

The answer we found to this challenge was an egg, one packed with the building blocks of life. the :Softshell turtle eggs.

Then we discovered a way to squeeze all of these nutrients into a small capsule. The result is Remain Young.

Since its launch in 1988, we are still confident in our products, and that confidence is backed by our satisfied customers. As the frontrunner of dietary supplement manufacturers using softshell turtle eggs, and also as your partner in your quest for a healthier life, we want to renew our commitment to pleasing you, our customer, for many years to come.