Why is now the time for Remain Young?

If you have read up to this point, you will have gotten an idea of the wonderful properties of softshell turtle eggs and Remain Young.

In this age of plenty, I doubt most readers would think of malnutrition as a problem high on Japan's list of social ills. But think carefully about your own diet.

Do you think you are getting the proper daily balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients?

People who need to be especially careful are those that become complacent just because they eat vegetables every day. If you are one of those people, here is a question for you: Can you truly be sure that your diet is giving you the right nutrients in the right quantities?

Most Japanese get enough to eat in terms of calories, i.e. energy. In fact, many people eat too much. However, the truth is that most people do not get enough of the right nutrients. In other words, most people suffer from a modern variant of malnutrition.

How did this happen?

Many people assume the blame lies with the introduction of Western-style cuisine into the Japanese diet. This, however, is not the only contributing factor. It is thought that vegetables produced now contain less trace mineral content than the vegetables that our ancestors ate. In addition, most of the foods we eat now are refined. This includes rice, wheat and sugar. These refining processes, however, rob foods of nutrients that they would otherwise have. There are other factors contributing to the detriment of modern food quality, but they are too numerous and complex to go into here.

As long as human beings live and breath, metabolism occurs in the body. Old cells are discarded and replaced with new ones. Unless the body has all the necessary raw materials, it cannot generate new cells, and when it does manage to make new cells despite the lack of materials, what you end up with is akin to a new house built with holes in the roof and a crumbly foundation.

The human body is equipped with the ability to recover from damage and correct imbalances. This is referred to as the body's natural healing power, or homeostasis.

In order to get these natural powers to work and remain healthy and energetic, one must provide the body with everything that its 60 trillion cells need.

The answer we found to this challenge was an egg, one packed with the building blocks of life. the :Softshell turtle eggs.

Then we discovered a way to squeeze all of these nutrients into a small capsule. The result is Remain Young.