Major ingredients other than softshell turtle eggs

In addition to softshell turtle eggs, Remain Young contains domestically-grown odorless garlic and safflower oil.

Garlic is showing much promise in the world of health, as preliminary studies have suggested that it is a natural antibacterial and antioxidation agent, may reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, and is a natural energy enhancer.
Many studies are being conducted on garlic. Although many questions remain unanswered, it consistently ranks among the most promising of designer foods with cancer-fighting potential.


Recent studies suggest that the water-soluble sulfuric compounds, not the odor-causing components, are what gives garlic its beneficial properties.

Another major ingredient is safflower oil, a luxury vegetable oil that is popular as an high-end gift. Safflower oil is rich in vitamin E, and also contains linoleic acid and oleic acid, which lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
Safflower is even associated with purifying the blood in Chinese medicine.