Softshell Turtles, the Ideal Food

Turtle dishes have long been treasured in Asia for their invigorating properties. They contain essential amino acids, calcium, and vitamins, making them the ideal food.
Turtles have a long history as food sources. In China, where it is believed that "food is a kind of medicine", turtle is recognized as the closest food to a panacea there is. In Bencao Gangmu (The Compendium of Materia Medica), written in Ming-era China, softshell turtles are said to "improve circulation, enhance the function of the organs, purify the blood, strengthen a weakened body, strengthen the immune system, alleviate hemorrhoids, make the hair grow faster, and improve the symptoms of hepatitis." Furthermore, the great thing about the softshell turtle is that its entirety can be eaten.
What are the benefits of the softshell turtle?

That should help you understand the promise that softshell turtles hold. What if a product was available made from their eggs, which contain these vital energies in concentrated form?

That is just what we have.
That product is none other than “Remain Young”.