Experiment 2 (Blood viscosity)

The long-term effects on plasma viscosity of diets of food mixed with softshell turtle egg powder and with garlic powder.

 Research and Experimentation: Faculty of Agriculture, Utsunomiya University


One group of rats (six individuals) were given control food for two years, and another group (seven individuals) were given food containing 1% softshell turtle egg powder in addition to 0.5% garlic powder for the same period of time. Arterial blood samples were taken, and their viscosity was measured.

Results of the experiment

As the figure shows, the aged rats who had consumed softshell turtle egg powder and garlic powder for a long period of time had levels of plasma viscosity that were roughly 18% lower than the control group.
Blood viscosity is normally explained in terms of the dynamics of cell components such as red blood cells. Interestingly enough, this experiment showed dramatic changes in the viscosity of the blood plasma itself. These results suggest that the consumption of softshell turtle egg powder and garlic powder could have the potential to be effective against thrombosis-related diseases, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and many more.