Experiment 1 (Diabetes)

Here are some of the results from experiments performed on softshell turtle eggs with the help of university research laboratories.

 Research and Experimentation: Faculty of Agriculture, Utsunomiya University

(※Note: All the experiments used powdered forms of whole eggs, including the shells.)


Groups of laboratory rats with advanced diabetes were each given food supplemented with softshell turtle eggs, food supplemented with odorless garlic, and ordinary food in order to observe the effects of each on the rats' longevity.

Results of the experiment

As is clear from the figure above, with the exception of one rat, all that ate ordinary food died by the 9th day of the experiment. In contrast, with one exception, all rats given food supplemented with softshell turtle eggs survived. The group that ate food supplemented with odorless garlic produced results that were in between the results of the other two groups.
It was also observed that compared with the rats that ate ordinary food, those that ate softshell turtle egg exhibited weight loss and less appetite, and tended to show a smaller degree of weakness overall.