The world of eggs

Eggs have long been known as "perfect food" with well-balanced nutritional value, and as such have been valued for their invigoration properties from times of old.
Because of their nutritional value, birds in locals throughout the world are being raised for their eggs. Meanwhile, fish eggs are treated as byproducts of the meat that those fish offer. At the same time, however, tasty ones end up as valued commodities in specialty markets. In fact, there are markets that target fish eggs from the start.

The symbolism of life and revitalization

People value eggs not only for their nutritional value, but also as symbols of the genesis of life and the mysterious incarnation thereof.
The celebration of Easter in the Christian tradition is associated with colorful decorations of eggs (Easter eggs). This tradition can be traced back to ancient Roman peoples paying pious tribute to the egg, which was a symbol of fertility and natural blessing from the gods.

Eggs throughout the world

Eggs come in many shapes and sizes. There are blue, jewelry-like starling eggs. Colorful ribbon-like sea-slug eggs, sea-urchin eggs ranging from a tenth of a millimeter to ostrich eggs exceeding 15 centimeters in diameter. An egg is defined by its color, shape, size, and numerous other factors.

Nutritional abundance

Eggs are often used in cuisine because of their rich nutritional and caloric value, and chicken eggs are perhaps the most popular. Various species are cultivated worldwide. Chicken eggs are rich mainly in vitamins A, B2, D, E, and contains a proper balance of essential amino acids, which an adult body cannot generate on its own. As eggs contain rich vitamins and minerals for human body, they are called "nutritiously perfect food".
The eggs contain the lipids needed for synthesizing nerve cells in the brain and the entire nervous system, in addition to a plentiful supply of proteins. Another important factor is the high levels of calcium and phosphates necessary for bone generation.
It is thought that the eggs of softshell turtles are superior to others in terms of nutrition, which is why they are called the"King of All Eggs". (⇒From About Remain Young

starling egg

sea-slug egg

sea-urchin egg

ostrich egg