The life force of softshell turtles

As is commonly recognized in Eastern medicine, softshell turtles are a rare commodity because of their purported benefits in terms of general invigoration, enhancement of sexual stamina, relief of physical exhaustion, anti-aging properties, attenuation of anemia, anxiolytic properties, etc.

Softshell turtles are representative of the rare"living fossils"of the modern era.In the course of its 200 million year evolution,the softshell turtle has survived climatic and environmental changes without much physiological adaptation. The softshell turtle is known for its long lifespan, which commonly extends to 100 years or more.

Softshell turtles can be found throughout the world — wherever there are stagnant lakes, streams, or ponds — and have a reputation for surviving. The turtle is thought to be survivable for a whole year with just pure water. Legend has it that even when cut into pieces, the heart of the turtle continues to beat for 20 or 30 minutes, indicative of its vitality.

The very robustness of the softshell turtles is testament to its value as effective ingredient. It was for this very reason that people of old used it as a valuable source of nutrients.

The very life force of the softshell turtle was viewed as unparalleled in ancient China, and softshell turtle dishes became a rare but staple item on the menu of the royal court.

In modern times, many people have come to recognize the benefits of softshell turtles, and have therefore made them a part of their everyday diet.