The home of softshell turtles

Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan

About an hour from Kaohsiung is the township of Meinong, which is traditionally considered to be the "home" of softshell turtles.

This township is home to large-scale farms, and alone boasts a production volume of softshell turtles that surpasses the total volume of those cultivated annually in Japan. The climate is ideal for raising softshell turtles. In addition, the high purity of the well water used is ideal for turtle farming.

Softshell turtles are delicate creatures. A single instance of human interference in the turtle ponds can lead to unwanted bacteria and negative consequences for the turtles. The mere hint of human interference in the turtle ponds warrants discarding all water present and replacing it.

Furthermore, the very act of feeding the turtles introduces the potential for harmful bacteria. For this reason, administrators must pay especially careful attention to the circulation of water and its effect on turtles. Only from turtles so carefully nurtured can quality eggs be produced.